Making your home cooler

Keeping your home cooler by 10-15 degrees.
We have had this for about 20 years now, on the North side of our house.

Canvas pieces with eyelets, that are attached to the eves with eye bolts
and spring clips.
At the bottom end I have put eyebolts into the cross members in the fence,
to this is attached more spring clips, then bungie cord to the eyelets in
the canvas, this gives the canvas some give in strong winds.
You space the eyelets approx 500mm apart, note the eyelets have the
prongs around the washer, this is to hold it into the canvas stronger.
spring clips, eyelets and bungie cord are obtained from Lefflers online
Eyebolts with wood screw thread are obtained from Bunnings or
any hardware store.
Canvas available from

The canvas comes as 1.8 or 2mr wide and you can have it as long
as you like, as the canvas is used side ways, ( this will give you plenty
of shade).
Refer to photos, ( originally i had it like i have described, but a friend
of mine gave me some steel fencing caps, so i redid it as per photos).
The 1st 2 photos are from the front of the house, where the bottom is
attached to pegs in the ground as no fence available.
This allowed more room to walk under.
If you have questions, please ask and i will answer.