Unless otherwise stated, a life time warranty period applies to your purchase.
As long as the item has been treated properly and not been mistreated or used for a different purpose than it was intended for.

We will not be held responsible for exchange or refund, if you have ordered the wrong item or that it does not suit your purpose.

You must make sure 100% that the item will suit your needs.(if not don't order)
As we will end up being stuck with the item ( as it could be years if ever that someone will want the same item in size and colour).
All items are made to orders placed) 

We will exchange the item for the following reasons:

  • Defective product or missing parts
  • Product not as advertised
  • Incorrect quantity or item shipped

 We will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages related to the use or misuse of this item under any circumstances. No suitability of use is expressed or implied.
Shipping fees and return shipping costs are nonrefundable.