Roof Rack Bag Setup

This is the setup that I have made up for our trip to Tasmania.

I will explain as simple as I can as we go along.

1. You need to roof racks to suit for the car. I had to order these in a Super cheap auto for Lynns Merc A170.

2. Once fitted, you then need a board on the size you need, in this case i used 5ply 41"sq.

3. Painted to protect the wood.

4. I got some door handles and screwed then on the top of the board on all 4 center edges ( this is so the central straps on the RRB can be anchored here), the 4 corner straps are straped around the roof rack bars anchor brackets.

5. You then need to position it central and then to work out where the U bolts  X 4 need to placed.

6. You then need to get some high density foam ( yoga mats from the reject shop) to be placed between the board and RRB, what i use  was the out skin of these mats which i had a few laying around, what then did is use 2" velcro self adhesive to place on the board and the mat so that the mat didn't move while putting the RRB on and off.

7. So thats it basically, you mount the board onto the bars with the U Bolts tighten down, mat goes on and then the roof rack bags goes up and strapped down.

8. As you see the rear of Lynns car with the 1 way sign, these are available from a guy on Ebay at about $69 compared with the people locally that were going to charge me $320

9. So easy.