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just go to Ebay and find me at klaus53welcome, refer link below


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excellent delivery


Buyer   xrmotard ( 33 )


 16-Sep-05 12:40




Fast delivery, Excellent service


Buyer   nottricky ( 115 )


 21-Sep-05 19:30




Very quick postage.... Highly recommended


Buyer   sethlapod ( 132 )


 22-Sep-05 17:15




Excellent Seller!!....Excellent Product!!.....A++++++++


Buyer   flossielazyben ( 10 )


 23-Sep-05 06:31





Fast, efficient, excellent service.


Buyer   4x4drivingfisho ( 239 )


 28-Sep-05 22:03





Fast pay, smooth transaction, highly recommend, thanks A++++


Buyer   blazesport ( 170 )


 05-Oct-05 15:57




Fast delivery, Top quality, excellent product. Recommend highly!!


Buyer   domnym ( 22 )


 10-Oct-05 23:35




great service, postage quick as a flash. Looks the goods too :)


Buyer   stufishing ( 60 )


 17-Oct-05 13:45




Excellent Ebayer. Many thanks.


Buyer   catch2000 ( 359 )


 26-Oct-05 23:11





Thank you, pleasant transaction. Excellent service. A++++++


Buyer   shaney99 ( 62 )


 27-Oct-05 18:01




item collected, very good quality


Buyer   brandiday ( 29 )


 27-Oct-05 20:16







great product, great service, very helpful. Thanks


Buyer   briann532 ( 1 )


 16-Sep-05 16:17





Received Bag no problems. Good Quality. Good Service.


Buyer   hamo031969 ( 1 )


 17-Sep-05 17:37













quick delivery, great product. AAAA++++


Buyer   ozgibbo1969 ( 7 )


 19-Sep-05 11:11






Excellent Seller!!....Excellent Product!!.....A++++++++


Buyer   flossielazyben ( 10 )


 23-Sep-05 06:30




On Friday, September 09, 2005 at 19:24
 posted about Excellent Customer Service - In Front Camping Gear - (PostID: 26318)
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The post
Just thought I'd pass on my recent experience with In Front Camping Gear. I purchased a canvas rear wheel rubbish carrier from them sometime ago for a realistic price (unlike some of the others out there) and I had a problem with 1 of the buckles. Klaus from In Front was extremely helpful in getting it fixed. They have some great stuff, inclusing a very useful collapsable canvas bucket which I think has got a mention here before.

If you need any canvas stuff - check them out. Great pricing and Klaus stands behind his products (which is becoming increasingly rare with companies these days).

Their website is

Usual disclaimer - I have nothing to do with them other than being a very satisfied customer.

Hope others can get some 'value' as I have. :)
Moggs (Melbourne VIC)
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Reply 1 of 4 posted 09 Sep 2005 at 20:53 - (AnswerID: 129388)

Member - Jack replied to the question

Gotta agree, Moggs.

I had bought a Porta Pottie bag from Klaus, and the handles broke on a recent trip. I contacted him letting him know what happened and he sent me a new one without hesitation.

And, as you said - his prices are very good.

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Reply 2 of 4 posted 09 Sep 2005 at 21:21 - (AnswerID: 129394)

Member - Blue (VIC) replied to the question

Do they have an address or are they online only? I started looking around and then had server probs so couldn't locate the info I was after. Stuff seems a very good price.
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FollowUp 1 of 3 posted 09 Sep 2005 at 22:32 - (FollowupID: 383864)
Moggs posted this followup
online only I think. The website is a bit clumsy, but it does have a search function that makes it easier to find what you want.
Moggs (Melbourne VIC)
FollowUp 2 of 3 posted 10 Sep 2005 at 07:00 - (FollowupID: 383886)
Member - Jack posted this followup
In Front Camping Gear link ... here .
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FollowUp 3 of 3 posted 10 Sep 2005 at 17:09 - (FollowupID: 383934)
Member - Blue (VIC) posted this followup
Thanks Moggs, no overheads means fair prices I guess... Website working OK now. I think I may become a regular there...
If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat...???
Reply 3 of 4 posted 10 Sep 2005 at 13:27 - (AnswerID: 129466)

Al & Mrs Al (Vic) replied to the question

Have to agree moggs,

I've got the canvas rubbish bag, 4 canvas clothes bags, and 2 canvas camp oven bags, as well as a HUGE dogs's great stuff and reasonable prices, and they're customer service relations are fantastic.

They also have their stuff up for auction on ebay as well.

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Reply 4 of 4 posted 14 Sep 2005 at 19:10 - (AnswerID: 130101)

Moggs replied to the question

Sorry to dredge this post up again when it has run its course, but I just have to make one more comment....

My rubbish bag was returned in 2 days, repaired, and enclosed with it was a $10 note from Klaus to cover my expense in posting it to him for repairs (which was actually more than the cost of postage in the first place).

Through-out the process he kept me informed by email. It is the best after-sales customer service I have ever received.

Good on you Klaus - you have made my day. I only wish other businesses shared your commitment to their products and customers.
Moggs (Melbourne VIC)



Hello again Klaus & Lynn


Last year, prior to a family trip to the Simpson Desert in our Troopy, I ordered a non standard sized RR bag and RR mounted tyre bag with 4 straps


Just to let you know both performed magnificently. The tyre bag doubled as a storage area for light weight bulky gear and airbag lift jack. Both bags were soundly sealed, which was especially important for the main RR bag. In 3 weeks of constant camping & travelling, not once did any sand or dust enter the main RR bag whilst in transit, so contents remained dust free as well as dry and tidy.


The picture attached although a very big file is a good shot of your gear bags on the RR with swags & gas bottle, all secure and neat and tidy. We did some terrible roads and quite a bit of cross country on rugged terrain, nothing moved at all, very impressed


I've got another made to measure request, I need some more bags and in one in particular to house a camp oven with a hillbilly folding fry pan inverted on top.


Just checking first to see if you can make a Camp oven bag that is a combination of the measurements of your Large & XL bags.


If possible can you make a bag that is 15" (380mm) x 9" (230mm), and if so, how much would the price be?